Snoozle Plus 25L

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“Snoozle Plus” is dust free WA Pine Shavings suitable for small animal bedding.

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“Snoozle Plus” is the Trademark name for WA Pine Shavings packaged in convenient 25 litre plastic bags.

Almost dust free “Snoozle Plus” is very light and fluffy in texture. It is particularly suitable for guinea pigs which are extremely sensitive to dust and odours or for any other animals with allergens or respiratory issues.  Organic and bio-degradable, the pine assists in neutralising any ammonia and the kiln drying process ensures moisture content is kept to a minimum, to avoid the spread of bacteria and diseases.

Sourced from sustainable Australian Pine Plantations, all WA Pine Shavings timber products are kiln dried. This process reduces tars, oils and other allergens ensuring freedom from mould and or bacteria to meet the strict quarantine requirements of clients. WA Pine Shavings factory facilities provide full undercover production within a dust extracted environment. WA Pine Shavings is able to supply an elite product that is superior in quality, chemical free and biodegradable. All their products have a wide range of applications.

Unlike other similar businesses where sawdust and shavings are simply the waste product, at WA Pine Shavings they specialise in the actual manufacture of high quality Pine Shavings and Sawdust for specific uses.




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