Processing: Plucking Machine, Single Bird on Stand

$990.00 inc GST

Plucking Machine, bench type single bird on stand. Made in Italy.


Chicken or Duck Plucking Machine, single bird at a time, on stand.

ESTERINA poultry plucker, quality made in Italy, is a strong and effective machine, easy to clean.

This poultry plucker has been conceived for every kind of poultry.

After scalding the bird in hot water (the temperature should range between 55° and 60°).

Rotate the bird against the rolling fingers and the job is done.

Production with a good operator is about 80 chickens per hour.

1/2 Hp motor.   Dimensions: Height from ground 85cm, width 64cm and 53cm deep.

The fingers to fit this are 10cm long with 9cm sticking out, and have a 19mm hole to lock them in.


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