Incubator: IM 504 egg digital auto turn

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Incubator IM 504 egg digital auto turn

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IM 504 egg auto turn incubator, with digital temperature control and digital temperature display.

Comes with a single hatching tray and seven turning trays. Generally requires a separate hatching incubator to handle weekly egg cycles.

The standard trays included are chook trays holding 72 eggs per tray or 18 eggs per row (4 to a tray). Each row can be swapped out for a quail row (58 eggs), pheasant/bantam row (33 eggs) or turkey/goose row (10 eggs).

Trays can come with the incubator and/or be purchased as extras and swapped out as needed.

1 year warranty.

IM Digital Incubator User Manual


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