Incubator: IM 288 egg digital auto turn

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Incubator IM 288 egg digital auto turn

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IM 288 egg, auto turn incubator, with digital temperature control and digital temperature display.

This incubator comes with 4 turning trays and two hatching trays, so you can have some eggs incubating and some eggs hatching at the same time.

The standard trays included are chook trays holding 72 eggs per tray or 18 eggs per row (4 to a tray). Each row can be swapped out for a quail row (58 eggs), pheasant/bantam row (33 eggs) or turkey/goose row (10 eggs).

Trays can come with the incubator and/or be purchased as extras and swapped out as needed.

1 year warranty.

IM Digital Incubator User Manual


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