Grain Mill: Bravo Novital’s 1.5 HP, great for Lupins

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For cracking grain. Does up to 240 Kg per hour leaving just 5% flour. The rest is good cracked grain for poultry and general live stock

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The Novital Bravo grain mill with a 1.5 HP / 900 kW motor, is great for cracking grain.  It  does up to 240 kg of grain per hour leaving approx 5% flour. The rest is good cracked grain for Poultry and general live stock.

This is used to mill cereals such as maize, rye, oats, barley and others like these, with a lower quantity of flour. It is equipped with an innovative dust-proof tank to contain the milled product.

This mill has hardened blades specifically designed to handle lupins.

12 months warranty

Technical Details

HOURLY GRINDING: 50 kg of maize with a sieve of 4 mm; 230 kg with a sieve of 8 mm. (the production can change according to the degree of humidity). SAFETY ENGINE DEVICE to turn automatically the power off in a case of overload, to protect the engine. SAFETY DEVICE to prevent the access to the blades, with 3 forced contact points to avoid any accident risk. It is equipped with 3 SIEVES: 4, 6, 8 mm. CEREAL FLOW REGULATION by an adjustment sluice gate, maneuverable from the outside of the hopper. INSTALLATION: it is steady on its 3 support legs, to make easier the replacement of the sieves and the removal of the dust-proof tank.

Made in Italy


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