Fly Trap: Efekto

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Completely safe for children and pets. No harmful poisons. No chemicals, no toxins and great for catching flies!

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This fly trap is self contained & can be left in on a bench or hung on a wall or shed. It will attract flys from near & afar and trap them. Made from high quality plastic – it can be used again and again.

Comes with 4 baits – and more available. Each bait can kill 2 – 4 litres of flies.  Not only will you see less flies – each year the numbers will go down as the breeding cycle is broken. Each bait lasts approximately 3 months depending on how bad the fly problem is.

THE MOST EFFECTIVE NATURAL FLY TRAP COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE IN AUSTRALIA TODAY AND SOLD WORLD WIDE … and this has been proved by actual impartial independent government tests.

1. Completely safe for children and pets.
2. No harmful poisons. No chemicals and No toxins- is perfectly safe under all conditions.
3. Unique bait formula is based on a purely natural organic dehydrated recipe which is perfectly harmless but is irresistible to flies.
4. The Efekto Fly Trap has been tested and proven for 10 years under all sorts of conditions.
5. No mess, no fuss when using its unique natural fly food bait.
6. The trap is effective in catching a very wide range of the different types of flies. In particular cluster flies, house flies, bush flies and the notorious BLOW FLIES which do so much damage to sheep.
7. Ideal fly trap for the home, garden, farmers, kennels, pet havens, sheds , indoor and outdoor, anywhere flies are a pest.

Dimensions: 270 mm high, 175 mm diameter

Fly Trap


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