Book: Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens

A hard cover book full of beautiful colour plate photographs of most chicken breeds as well as heaps of good information about breeding and keeping chickens.


Keeping chickens has become increasingly popular. If at one time this used to be the privilege of farmers and those living in the countryside, these domestic animals are now slowly taking over city gardens as well.

The book has been specially written for people who do not know much about chickens yet, but who are already keeping some, or are considering getting some in the future. The text and pictures provide practical information on the feeding, care, and breeding of chickens, as well as the laying of eggs and the kind of shelter the birds require. You will find clear information about common diseases and disorders, the chicken’s anatomy, and an overview of the main colour variations.

The comprehensive information in The Complete Encyclopedia of Chickens is organised into chapters on the history of keeping chickens, choosing chicks, breeds of chickens, housing, care, and feeding. Other chapters provide details on diseases, abnormalities, and parasites. Reproduction, anatomy, and plumage are also described in this encyclopedia. An index and directory make this a complete resource.

This book is full of excellent colour plate photographs of different chicken breeds, both roosters and hens. A great present for a birthday or Christmas.

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