Bird Scare: Spinning Owl Eyes

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Wind powered bird scarer. Uses flashes of reflected sunlight and predator ‘eyes’ to deter wild birds without disturbing neighbours or domestic birds.

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Bird Scarer for use against Sparrows, Starlings, Pigeons, Doves and Swallows.

Wild birds are often startled by the flashing of lights, random movement and the striking pattern of a bird of prey’ eyes. The Brinsea Bird Scarer uses three effects to deter most wild birds This bird Scarers design and shape makes it very easy for it to turn in the slightest breeze The Bird Scarer being 28cm wide x 12 cm high sits at the top of the support rod on a ball bearing.  For maximum effect over larger areas use three to six units spaced at about 15 to 30 metres apart on fences.  As birds become conditioned to all deterrents after a while, move the units to different positions from time to time.

Good for out door eateries, city buildings, orchards, market gardens and tourist places where Swallows are a nuisance.

Bird Scarer in Garden


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