Aqua Clay Pebbles – German

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Grow Media for Aquaponics or Hydroponics. Expanded Clay pebbles from Germany.

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CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES are baked clay pellets that form an ideal substrate for use by experienced growers.

Thanks to their unique structure, CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES offer the ideal basis for growers who want to control the application of nutrients and the humidity level of their plants throughout the entire process of cultivation in a simple way.

CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES are manufactured from special types of clay that have a low soluble salt content. Because of this, they are particularly suited for use in hydroponic cultivation systems.

CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES have both high porosity and high air content which stimulate the development of strong roots that grip the substrate well. CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES are inorganic, have a neutral pH value, are fungus free and do not rot. CANNA AQUA CLAY PEBBLES consist of different components that together form an optimum, heterogeneous structure that is ideal for root development.

A perfect growmedia for Aquaponics and Hydroponics. Bags are 45L.

These pebbles are made in Germany and imported from Holland.

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